Icon Design for your needs!

High quality, attractive, beautiful icons that help communication, Custom Icons for all kinds of platforms (Linux, MacOSX, Windows, Web based applications, Websites, Mobile applications and other digital interfaces).

The creation process is planned to put user needs in first place, coordinating those with the global message off the software.

Strong Branding hard Logos!

A good Logo design is able to convey the soul of a product/software/companie. In Nuno-Icons we provide extra attention to the logo creation process, continually pushing the boundaries of graphic design to come up with cutting edge designs that are bound to project the image you want.

Graphic User Interface, that Rocks!

The title says it all, making state of the art User Interface, is one of the lines of work that gives me most pleasure to work on. Being able to make the the window were icons stand, makes nuno-icons help you in delivering that sane and coerent message that your application is all about, alied with powerful simplicity and usability.